Parking tickets

It's hard to avoid them...

Over 4.5mn Private Parking Tickets and 8mn Local Authority Parking tickets are issued each year. So it makes sense to appeal to save the cost.

Currently 50% of appeals ARE successful. BMPA volunteers can guide you through the paperwork maze - and reduce the burden.

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Pepipoo Forums

Pepipoo Forums

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Court observer


Need help with the paperwork

Almost all these parking charges are computer driven using templates. You can respond in your own words, or use one of the templates available, or check the latest versions at MoneySavingExpert, Legal Beagles or Pepipoo. Parking companies just want you to pay and can't be bothered with issues like the facts of the case. Saves you time, hassle and worry.

ParkingEye claim

Court Claim

Sent a claim?

If you have received one of these claims from the Small Claims Court, you will need to act immediately. Parking companies try to catch many people out by send out the mass of claims around holidays and Xmas period. The very first thing to do when you receive one of these claims is to Acknowledge Service. After that you have almost a month to sort out a response.

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POPLA Appeals

POPLA Appeals?

Independent adjudication from POPLA or IPC?

The Parking operator must allow you the opportunity to appeal to an "independent" adjudicator who can look at the case. But is it appropriate and is there another way?

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Parking Tickets

Parking Tickets

What do you need next

Confused! - There are different types of tickets issued under different schemes. Even the country of issue will make a difference. Don't get misled.

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