Court process

Why Court?

In 2015, there were 3.2 million private parking tickets issued. In the same period some 35,000 Court claims issued. So you have a 1% chance (1 in 100) of getting a court claim.

Again in 2016, we have identified just over 3000 actual cases that resulted in a day in court - the list you see here. So your chances of actually getting to court and the parking company paying to take you there is about or 1 in 1000 - very, very low. There is no commercial logic, and parking operators cannot recover costs of going to court, the only purpose of doing so is to create the illusion of the justification of their case.Note: You will never see a Debt Collector on this list as they cannot take people to court - but everyone gets lots of letters saying they will.

If you are concerned about a claim or you have a date to go to court then contact us and we'll see if we can steer your case to a successful resolution without having to go to court. There is a high chance you do not need to. Send an email to or call us on 01424 400475.

Following a Case?

If there is a case you want to follow and you have the case number e.g. C3HG56Y3, then send an email with the Case number to . When it appears on the Court lists, we'll let you know as soon as we know.

Court Cases for 22-01-2017

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