Court process

Why Court?

In 2016, there were 4.5mn private parking tickets issued. In the same period some 3,841 hearings and 40,000 claims were identified issued. So you have a 1% chance (1 in 100) of getting a court claim and even less likley to go to court.

If you are concerned about a claim or you have a date to go to court then contact us and we'll see if we can steer your case to a successful resolution without having to go to court. There is a high chance you do not need to. Send an email to or use the Claims Help form here.

Right of Audience?

RoA can only be claimed by the Claimant's representative if they are solicitors who have been instructed or are supervised by one. The key is in the "supervision". Often the person appearing for the Claimant may be a paralegal instructed by the claimant but not "supervised" by a solicitor. A clearer explanation is shown on the Parking Prankster's website here and here

Court Cases for 22-11-2017

Court Claim Number Claimant Comments
Basildon D3GF477X Parking And Property Management LP
Basildon D8GF2H51/2 Parking Control Management (UK) From 01-11-2017/LP
Birmingham D7GG836R Euro Parking Services
Blackpool B8FC32Q4 ParkingEye Set Aside
Blackwood C56GM401C Civil Enforcement Set Aside
Brentford C1GF7C6T Parking And Property Management
Brentford D3GF8A1R Parking And Property Management
Brentford D8GF0H63 Parking Control Management (UK)
Brentford C7FC3N71 ParkingEye
Brentford D5FC369N/2 ParkingEye From 08-09-2017
Brentford D0GF1A8R Private Parking Solutions (London)
Cardiff D3GF3A2R Link Parking
Cardiff D0AU66F3 Norwich Traffic Control
Cardiff D2GF6G0K UK Car Park Management
Cardiff D1GF2G7M UK Car Park Management
Cheltenham D7GF6H67 Link Parking
Clerkenwell D0GM30J9 Civil Enforcement Set Aside/LP
Clerkenwell D7GF7A7R Parking Control Management (UK) LP
Clerkenwell D7GF9H12 Parking Control Management (UK) LP
Clerkenwell D1GF2G8P UK Car Park Management LP
Clerkenwell D6GF1G0J UK Car Park Management LP
Dundee DUN-SG50-16 Indigo Park Services UK Time to Pay
Guildford D7GF1A8R Parking Control Management (UK)
Hastings D3QZ25X8 London Parking Solutions Set Aside
Hertford D1GM3V56 Civil Enforcement Set Aside/LP
Liverpool D9FC7G1C ParkingEye LP
Manchester C6DP9C3T Excel Parking Services Set Aside/LP
Manchester C7QZ5CR MIL Collections Set Aside/LP
Manchester D7GF4Y3Z Parking Control Management (UK) Set Aside/LP
Manchester A1JD9471 ParkingEye Set Aside/LP
Mansfield D0GF57E1 Euro Parking Services Set Aside
Mansfield D3HW6G44 Smart Parking
Milton Keynes D8GF5K7E Parking Control Management (UK) LP
Preston C0FC0F4Q ParkingEye Set Aside
Staines D4GF7G2N Hounslow Enforcement LP
Staines D8GF4R00 Pace Recovery And Storage LP
Stoke on Trent D3GF89Y6 SIP Parking Paper Hearing
Swansea D4GF94W5/2 Millennium Door And Event Security From 15-09-2017
Wakefield D6GM1303 Civil Enforcement Set Aside