Court process

Why Court?

In 2016, there were 4.5mn private parking tickets issued. In the same period some 3,841 hearings and 40,000 claims were identified issued. So you have a 1% chance (1 in 100) of getting a court claim and even less likley to go to court.

If you are concerned about a claim or you have a date to go to court then contact us and we'll see if we can steer your case to a successful resolution without having to go to court. There is a high chance you do not need to. Send an email to or use the Claims Help form here.

Right of Audience?

RoA can only be claimed by the Claimant's representative if they are solicitors who have been instructed or are supervised by one. The key is in the "supervision". Often the person appearing for the Claimant may be a paralegal instructed by the claimant but not "supervised" by a solicitor. A clearer explanation is shown on the Parking Prankster's website here and here

As a trial, we are offering a "Check the Rep" Text Service. Text your case number, the claimant and the name of the Claimant's representative to 07481 344930 and we'll check the online databases. We offer no guarantees though but you should raise the issue with the judge at the start.

Court Cases for 22-07-2017

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