Court Claim Wizard

The threat of court gives most people a brain freeze - which is exactly the reason why parking companies will threaten court but rarely venture there. In 2015, there were 3.5mn private parking tickets issued but only 35,000 Court claims sent. So simply put 1% of people get a claim but 100% of people are threatened with one! If everyone that was threatened with a claim was taken to court, they would have to build over 1000 new courts - and that is not going to happen.

Court Information: If you want to know today's cases go here. If you want to know how many cases at your local court go here.

The stages of a claim have been broken down into 5 Sections

You can go through the whole process from beginning to end and see where you are in the process and what is coming next. If it all gets too much, click on the Panic button and contact us!

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