Donate and help us help others

BMPA volunteers What do we do?

We are mainly an information source and sign post those sources so people can quickly get to grips with a process that is overly complex by design, with hidden pitfalls, and which some see as a "scam". The added threats of a court claim (which 99% of people never get) just adds to the confusion out there.

When we help, the information we are given then adds to our knowledge which can help others. It cuts through the confusion and allows people to make reasoned decisions about how to deal with a parking charge or a court claim. The assurance of knowing others have been down the same route means that less time is taken in dealing with these "fines" and people can get on with the important issues in their lives rather than dealing with what is essentially a computer driven money-making scheme by people who are not interested in the rights or wrongs of a case.

Why do we do it?

Mainly because not every parking charge is legitimate, and not every parking company is honest. Their honesty is evidenced by the number of these companies that have been taken to court on fraud charges.

What can you do about it?

We are a volunteer based organisation with members throughout the UK. Our costs are minimal but we still need to meet such costs are phone, Internet, printing and travel. So any donation however small just keeps us going that little longer. But by keeping us going, you are also helping those that come after to benefit from your experiences in dealing with these companies.

Do you charge?

Absolutely not. Our volunteers give their time freely so any small donation (no more than £10) helps us to keep going. But the most valuable donation you can make is to share your information and experiences with others so they can benefit from your own experience in dealing with these charges.