Acknowledging the Claim

Acknowledging the Claim

When you acknowledge you are telling the court you have received the documents - not admitting that you owe the money....

Acknowledging is a key step as you only have 14 days from the 'Date of Service' (5th calendar day after issue) to send in a response that you deny owing anything. As mentioned before, the parking companies like to send claims out during holiday periods like Xmas so drivers may not see the claim documents until the 14 days are up. As soon as you get a claim, here is an example of how to complete Acknowledgement and send it back to the Court.

Use the delay to your advantage

The Court process is slow and it can be up to 3 months before the day in court. 90% of claims never get there as there are many ways to get the claim cancelled or make it impossible for the parking company to continue. Court is very expensive for them so they want to avoid it more than you do.

Would you like an opinion or further information?

If you unsure or are past the appeals stage and have 'Debt' Collector letters, or 'Letter before County Claim' or an actual Court Claim, then contact the Helpdesk immediately.

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