Defence Statement

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Defence Statement

The Defense Statement is your opportunity to argue why you owe nothing. In fact, your first sentence on the statement should be -

The claim is denied in its entirety except where explicitly admitted here. I assert that I am not liable to the Claimant for the sum claimed, or any amount at all, for the following reasons:

What to include

It is up to the Claimant, the Parking Company, to prove their case on the balance of probabilities so it is best to take each point in the claim and refute or reply to it. There is no need to introduce new information unless they are in support of denying / refuting a point made in the claim.

Often the claim will be short of detail which means it is difficult to write a defence but it is better to cover the ground in the claim and then add that you wish to the court to Strike out the claim as having no basis or likelihood of success.

Would you like an opinion or further information?

If you unsure or are past the appeals stage and have 'Debt' Collector letters, or 'Letter before County Claim' or an actual Court Claim, then contact the Helpdesk immediately.

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