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ParkingEye Letter before Claim

The LBCC: Your first opportunity?

The Letter before County Claim is a stage you should not ignore. However often you will get a Letter that looks like a real LBCC but is actually a debt collection letter. A genuine LBCC MUST come from either the parking company themselves or from genuine solicitors. The one shown is a genuine ParkingEye LBCC but there are examples of false ones here. So choose below which you think yours is..

The LBCC: Is it a real LBCC?

If you have decided, the LBCC is not a real one, you are still in the 'debt' collection stage and court action has not started - and may never start.

'Debt' Collection Agencies only get paid if you part with your cash. They have no powers and you often see such phrases ..'we will recommend court action'. This is the last thing they want as they will get nothing for their efforts and its usually the last throw of the dice for them. Often nothing more is heard after such a letter.

The LBCC: Narrowing the issues.

The next stage after the LBCC is to issue a claim. Many operators are reluctant to go that far, hoping that the (cheap) threat is enough. However whoever hired the parking company can cancel. So as a first step, use the time to find out who and contact them with a request to intervene.

If you wish to respond to a LBCC, we suggest sending what some people call a Part 18 Request [Updated July 2016]. These should be questions and not a complaint about the LBCC itself and should be sent to the parking operator rather than any Solicitor. As there is no merit in giving the other side information they do not have, you can also use the 'Part 18' to find out how much information they have and whether their claim has any merit. Alternatively try a 'Subject Access Request' (costs £10) to the Data Controller at the parking company [check here] which will yield far more information than a 'Part 18'. This is our preferred method though it can take 40 days for a reply.

If you are concerned then Register with us and we will support you through the stages to get the issue resolved successfully.

Would you like an opinion or further information?

If you unsure or are past the appeals stage and have 'Debt' Collector letters, or 'Letter before County Claim' or an actual Court Claim, then contact the Helpdesk immediately.

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