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The Witness Statement

There is no legal requirement for a party in a small claims case to prepare a witness statement. The strict rules of evidence do not apply and it is common for parties to represent themselves. However if you have a witness then use them to back up your position.

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A witness statement (WS) gives you the chance to set out the facts of the case as someone else saw it, perhaps a passenger on the day; a frequent user of the car park; even the car park owner themselves! The witness statement should tell the judge (and the other side) exactly what their view of your case is. If a WS is available, the judge will probably have read it before the hearing begins and more time can be given to deciding the case and looking at the differences in your view, your witnesses and the Parking operator's case.

You might also consider getting passengers or people with you on the day to prepare their own Witness Statements in support of your case. These must only refer to the facts on the day

What to include

Witness statements must:

The Ministry of Justice has a page here which gives a clear outline of how you should prepare and present your Witness Statement.

The case can still be dropped!

Many, many cases are settled on the Courthouse steps. Only 1 in 1000 tickets ever see a day in court. If you do go to court, you and the Parking operator loses more money than by settling it. The costs limits at the Small Claims Court means you cannot recover more that £100 so unlikely to cover lost wages, your time and the incidental costs of getting there.

We strongly recommend:

If these approaches do not yield a cancellation then you can always make an offer to settle. Get someone to negotiate for you. Having your day in court is not for the faint hearted

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